So many of our clients have been sending us messages about the progress they are making and the goals they are reaching by working with our high-level coaches.

Perhaps we can help you with our personal coaching team.


When you invest in personal coaching, here are some of the results you can expect to get:

Result #1 You Can Expect To Get Personal Biohacking Recommendations

I don’t know of any other plan that dives as deep into lifestyle and biohacking.  It’s not just sets and reps or a few meal suggestions.  You’ll get a unique approach to overall wellness. It’s so much more than training and eating (although that’s all included). 

Don’t just take what I say though – this was what happened to Krishna on our VIP program who finally started to get more deep sleep “hacking for deep sleep…is a bloody miracle for me!”

Result #2 You Can Expect To Get: Program Flexibility 

Why is this important?  There’s a lot of factors that go into picking the right program.  One that’s often ignored is your personality and preferences.  Some people prefer a coach checking in with them every week for accountability.  Others prefer their full year’s program to be provided all at once they can do it themselves.

And others want to add accountability turning challenging months and do it themselves during the rest of the year.

We have options for all of those!  I suggest downloading the full menu of services and taking 5 minutes to see what’s a fit for you:

Result #3 No More Confusion, Wasted Time, and Guesswork. 

… and my favorite result of all! Time is so valuable, yet we spend years and even decades trying to perfect the craft of training ourselves.  I love the motivation, but getting it right is really hard to do.  We do questionnaires, evaluate labs, and get to know you before delivering a personal program that’s THE ONE for you.  

You’ll save headaches, time, and get better results.

Introducing Florencia, who feels like a million bucks when her friends comment about her lost weight and her new found confidence in training. “This service is a gift you’re giving to the world!”

These are just some of the happy customers whose lives have been changed by our VIP and regular coaching programs. 

If you have been struggling with health, or simply want to save time and have it done for you, , why don’t you take 3 minutes to check out the coaching information sheet to learn more about Ben Greenfield Coaching Services and see if it’s what you need?