At Ben Greenfield Coaching, we offer multiple coaching options based on your bio-individual needs and budget. We now accept HSA payments as well (please verify with your insurance provider if health coaching is eligible under your plan).

VIP Coaching Package

  • The most comprehensive coaching program on the planet.
  • Realtime analysis of your wearable data.
  • Year-long customized fitness and nutrition plans are  included.
  • 24/7 access to your coach as you personal health concierge.
  • Total guidance on biomarker analysis and testing.
  • Trusted network access.

Elite Coaching Program

  • Customized fitness program accessible on a user friendly mobile and desktop app

  • Customized nutrition protocol to guide you with nutrition guidelines, supplement protocol, snack lists, and travel guidelines

  • A comprehensive meal plan with recipe collections and grocery lists

  • Beginner biohacking recommendations to take your transformation to the next level

  • Weekly accountability, support, and data driven adjustments

  • A private consultation with your coach and support and access to our network

“My coach has been awesome. I am really happy I was paired with him. My chronic pain has been improving overall and I’m very happy I enrolled in this fitness program. I’ll likely be back in a year for more”

47 year old male client with chronic shoulder pain

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