6 Weeks to Transform Your Body Composition 

By the end of the challenge you will feel energized, confident, and armed with the habits and knowledge necessary to sustain lasting results. 



Open to U.S. and Canada residents only




Cold Exposure



 “I have always been energetic, sports come easily to me and I’ve completed multiple triathlons along with 200 plus mile bike rides in 12 hours! But at 57 to reach my goals I can’t allow weeks and months to pass off and on the wagon so to speak. I joined the challenge for quality of life and longevity for me, my wife, and daughter. I am stronger, dropped 2 pants sizes, increased mental clarity, and developed a breathwork practice. I would have to say my connection with spirit was my greatest improvement. Without that it all is meaningless. My favorite part was the abundance of knowledge and commitment to sharing from a community based group.”

-Talmadge, Transformation Challenge Participant

Join Your Transformation Community!

Space will be limited in order to maintain a close-knit community and allow you to easily connect with others. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals is a powerful support system approach that will motivate you throughout the 6 weeks and beyond.

 Support For Your Transformation

Initial Consult Call & Ongoing Support

Meet 1-on-1 with one of Ben’s coaches for 60 minutes to kick off the challenge. Get your burning questions answered and start off strong with personalized recommendations. This consult is valued at $897! 

Tracking & Accountability App

What gets measured gets changed. Stay on target with access to a top wellness app where you will log meals in the food journal, record workouts, and enter weekly weigh-in data. Your coach will check-in with you on a weekly basis to provide feedback.


Fitness and Nutrition Blueprint

Feel confident knowing exactly what to do to get transformational results. Your coach will provide a six-week fitness and nutrition blueprint to follow based on your unique goals whether you are looking to lose fat or gain lean muscle mass.

Weekly Group Calls with an Expert Coach

Each week features a different topic and you will learn directly from one of Ben’s coaches who specializes in that area. The recordings will be posted in case you miss a call or want to re-watch multiple times.


Complete Wellness Tasks

Who doesn’t love the sense of accomplishment that comes from checking things off and building momentum? Each week you will be assigned a 3 tasks to complete related to the weekly topic to help strengthen habits through action.

Private Group Feed

Engage in the Transformation community and feel the support from like-minded individuals to stay motivated along the way. Chat, post progress pictures, share stories and enjoy the benefits of connecting with others.


 I am stronger and more physically cut with fewer workouts!  I can do spider push ups and crow and am progressing towards my handstand and pull-up goals. I love the variety of workouts and the recovery approach with cold plunges and I am now looking forward to working out and plunging vs. feeling dread! I didn’t expect to get so much stronger so quickly.  Also, my HRV is up by 20 points! Workouts and recovery was the gap in my previous program and I feel empowered and educated on what I need to maintain / increase muscle and further decrease fat! I loved it and this has changed my life!!”

– Meagan, Transformation Challenge Participant


The top Male and Female transformations selected by Ben will win the following:

  • 20-minute consult with Ben ($547 value)
  • Customized Nutrition or Fitness Plan ($997 value)
  • Ben Greenfield book bundle (including the NEW Boundless Cookbook) $175 value
  • Kion supplement bundle ($125 value)
  • Feature on Ben’s Weekly Round-up email and a social media post celebrating your transformation 
  • Free 1-year access to the wellness platform used during the challenge $200 value


  • Ben’s NEW Boundless Cookbook
  • Free 1-year access to the wellness platform used during the challenge

To be considered for the Grand Prize you must consistently use the accountability app, complete weekly tasks, log daily food intake/workouts, and record weekly body weight. 

Want to know more? Leave a message and my Coach Liaison will get back to you!