Whether you want to sleep better or think faster, learn and implement all the best anti-aging and longevity tactics, training for a triathlon, obstacle course race, fitness competition or some other feat of physical performance, shed fat or gain muscle as fast as possible, figure out health issues you just haven’t been able to solve on your own, or you simply want your own personal concierge to be able to customize the most cutting-edge health, longevity and biohacking protocols into your own life. This VIP program is designed to enhance your physical and mental performance at the highest level. With detailed instructions, guidance and planning from Ben, you’ll get instant access to every training, nutrition, and lifestyle technique that exists to optimize your life, and get you to your goals as safely and quickly as possible.

This program is for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, and gives you everything you need to for body, mind and spirit.

Training program

A complete training program designed by Ben Greenfield with detailed daily workout descriptions, exercise photos & videos, and zero guesswork, including research-proven workout efficiency strategies and biohacks to minimize time and maximize results. All workouts are delivered via an easy-to-access platform that lets you sync your workouts to your calendar, phone, e-reader, and computer.


Detailed meal plans

Detailed daily meal plan and supplement blueprint designed by your coach, along with printable grocery shopping lists and complete customization based on your travel plans and lab testing results. All nutrition instructions are delivered via an easy-to-access platform that lets you see your meals on your phone, e-reader, and computer.


Total guidance

Total guidance on beginner and advanced biohacking and self-quantification techniques, including heart rate variability testing, pulse oximetry, cold thermogenesis, heat training, electromagnetic frequency protection, ketosis, smart drugs, adaptogens, magnetic therapy, blood and saliva testing, and anything else you need to maximize your results using science, along with lifestyle coaching from Ben to enhance your sleep, de-stressing and productivity protocols.


Biomarker analysis and testing

Complete guidance on biomarker analysis and testing of your blood lipids and cholesterol markers, inflammation, thyroid panel, nutrients, minerals, liver, kidney, performance, reproductive and metabolic hormones, along with interpretation and coaching based on testing of your gut health, food allergy, digestion, and parasitology.


Initial one-on-one phone consult

Initial 60 minute one-on-one phone consult with Ben, followed up with unlimited daily e-mail support,  including voice messaging access to answer your questions and provide full support at any time.


Trusted network access

Ben will provide connections to his extensive personal and trusted network of physicians, health care practitioners, and healers.


Full access

Full access to Ben Greenfield Coaching’s education library – instantly download anything you want from Ben’s books, training, and nutrition plans.