Designed to engage a large and diverse corporate audience in a motivating 6-week fitness challenge that will inspire them to make changes in the direction of a healthier lifestyle.

Corporate Wellness Programs

The Ben Greenfield Corporate Wellness programs are designed to help employees improve their lives while helping employers reduce costs and increase impact. Our programs are customizable to the wellness needs and desires of each individual company. Our programs are also highly effective and comprehensive, incorporating education, action items, community engagement, and rewards for both the employee and employer.

  • 87% of people consider benefits when deciding on a job; enhancing recruitment efforts
  • A good wellness program can improve employee retention

  • Worksite wellness programs increase employee morale, appealing to the top levels of the hierarchy of needs: self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others, morality, creativity, spontaneity, problem solving, lack of prejudice, acceptance of facts
  • For every dollar spent on well-planned wellness programs, the company can expect to save $3.27 on reduced healthcare costs
  • Use of HSA to pay for the cost of a wellness program; this will vary based on individual company insurance companies/programs
  • Savings from program participation is greater than the actual cost of the program
  • Tax deductions are available for programs that offer rewards to all participants, regardless of health metrics (if a company decided to give all of its participants a reward just for participating, not choosing winners) through the Affordable Care Act

  • Healthcare costs rose 15% slower in companies with wellness programming, saving an average of $332/employee


What is the minimum participation for the programs?

At this time, we are considering groups of all sizes! However, the greatest participation typically comes from groups of 10 or more.

Can we use our insurance benefits?

Yes! If your company offers HSA benefits to employees, your employees can use their benefits to pay for the program. For companies that offer this benefit, we typically recommend subsidizing part of the program as an incentive, and encouraging employees to use their HSA for the remaining portion.

How can a wellness program really improve the health of my employees?

The “standard American diet” and a sedentary lifestyle are two of the biggest contributing factors to chronic illness in our society. By improving the nutritional habits and activity levels of individuals, so many measurable factors can be improved. For every 1% drop in total cholesterol, risk of heart attack decreases by 2-3% and for every 1% drop in blood pressure, risk of heart disease decreases by 2-3%. Our programs are also designed to decrease stress, depression, and increase life satisfaction which also contribute to the physical health of employees.

Can you provide specific metrics and data that will be tracked during the challenge, especially related to program engagement and overall success markers?

Metrics tracked in relation to overall success markers include weight, stress levels, well being, sleeping patterns, vitality (self quantified), exercise habits, mindfulness habits, and nutrition habits. Engagement is based on completion of weekly modules including learning material, participation in weekly action items, and participation in the weekly calls. We can also monitor engagement in add-on activities such as exercise through the Ladder app.