When you purchase this plan, you are not just getting a set of recipes with a meal plan. You are paying for access to decades of research and a coach who has been personally trained and mentored by Ben Greenfield to analyze your questionnaire, labs and other intake forms for the creation of a solution completely customized to you. In other words, you are paying for access to an outcome and a real person with years of research developing your plan, not artificial intelligence or automation. The result is a set of recipes, meal layouts, supplements and recommendations specific to you and nobody else. Anybody can buy a diet book or an app. You are buying experience, knowledge, and customization.

After you purchase your plan, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to assist with your intake forms. It’s important to keep in mind that the nutrition plan takes your coach a great deal of time to prepare, including reviewing all lab results, intake forms, finding recipes, etc. Because of this, please note that we have a strict no refund policy on plans.

To maximize your implementation of your nutrition plan and for further guidance, accountability, and adjustments we recommend the Nutrition Accountability Add-On Package.

One Time Payment of $997

Payment plans and HSA payment options are now available

(Please verify with your insurance provider if health coaching is eligible under your plan)


The nutrition accountability plan provides added support to your nutrition plan and additional accountability on a weekly basis. Your coach will review your food log and adjust your calories and macros as needed to help you achieve your goals or help guide your nutritional choices. This support is provided through an app that allows you flexible access to your coach to ask questions or receive feedback and encouragement. This plan is highly recommended for those making significant lifestyle changes or on a fat loss journey towards optimal health. There is no long term commitment with this plan so you can use it for however long you benefit from additional support. 

$297 per month


Step 1 – Book your nutrition plan here

Click here to book a Nutrition Plan Design. You will receive a full year nutrition protocol and platform access for $997.

Step 2 – Fill out the nutrition questionnaire

After completing the payment for the plan, you will be redirected to the Nutrition Plan Design questionnaire. Fill out the questionnaire as completely and as accurately as possible. Our coaching services team will be in touch within 24 hours.

Step 3 – Submit lab tests

If you have lab results available at the time of booking, you can submit those to allow for a data-driven approach. For recommendations on which tests to take, you can check out Ben’s gold standard list below:

Please note these tests are not required but will allow your coach to best customize the plan to you.

Step 4 – Get matched with your nutrition coach

Ben’s coaching services team will review your questionnaire and lab data to determine the perfect coach for you based on your unique needs and goals. Each coach has been personally selected and certified by Ben and each on has their own unique area of expertise. You will be connected via email while your coach gets started on your plan.

Step 5 – Your custom nutrition plan is ready and delivered to you

The following is included in your nutrition plan:

  • Extensive review of your labs and questionnaire
  • Written 7 day food plan, food list, and supplementation program suited to your unique biochemistry
  • Custom calorie and macros to achieve your goals
  • 1-yr subscription to an all-inclusive nutrition protocol and tracking app
  • Custom recipe collection with full sample week of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snack options

You can expect your plan to be delivered within 5-7 business days from the time you are connected with your new coach.

One Time Payment of $997

Payment plans and HSA payment options are now available

(Please verify with your insurance provider if health coaching is eligible under your plan)

“Even though we’ve just started, I’ve gone from 224 to 213.6 on the scale and getting better at the workouts and following the nutrition plan with added accountability has been a game changer! I’ve started a cycling team with friends, and now I am aiming to the Oregon Gran Fondo next June. 117 miles of pavement and gravel.”

30 year old endurance athlete